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Fake Paternity Test Results

Authentic and Fully Verified Fake Paternity Test Results, within 1 business hour, proving you have taken a real DNA test.

You choose the “Names“ and “Results“. We send you a Fake Paternity Test Report within 1 business hour!

The Fake Paternity Test Report is emailed from a “Real” DNA Testing Company.

Your partner is able to call, email and visit the website of the real company. Their customer service team will confirm the DNA test results. We are sure they will believe you!

We have “Real” DNA companies in the US, Canada, UK and Ireland.

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Our Fake Paternity Test Reports are 3 Pages in Length & are Identical to a Real Report. They contain all the analytical data points and information presented in a real test report.

How to Create Fake DNA Results?

Simply fill out our Online Order Form, detailing the Name, Date of Birth and Results you want to appear on the Fake Paternity Test Certificate.

Once complete, you are directed to to process payment. You can pay using a PayPal account or a credit/debit card. All payments are handled by PayPal’s secure payment service.

Within 1 business hour, you will receive an email from the real DNA company containing your Fake Paternity Test Results.

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