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Our Fake Paternity Tests

We have been providing Fake Paternity Test Results for many years and we have become the leaders in providing realistic and authentic Fake DNA Test Reports.

Our years of experience ensures we provide the very best service with our reports working every time. We have experienced every novelty situation and our team are ready to help you pull off the ultimate prank.


If you have any questions about our service, the process or outcome, please do get in touch with our team either by phone or email and we will be more than happy to help.

Meet the Team

Our team of professionals help make the experience as believable and realistic as possible. We work hard to ensure your prank works and the other party will be convinced.

Lucy Cook

Founder & CEO

Lucy founded the company after trying to convince her friends on Christmas that she was the love child of a famous footballer.

Eric Teagan

Vice President

Eric joined the team to ensure the quality of the reports and oversee operations. Eric works closely with Lucy to ensure a perfect service.

Tim Barrett

Customer Service

Tim leads our customer service team. His team are on hand to answer any queries from past and potential clients.

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