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Fake Paternity Test Results

Looking to create Fake Paternity Test Results? With over 6 years of experience, we are your company of choice. Our reports are 100% authentic and are guaranteed to work no matter who you show them to.

Fake DNA Test Results

Fake Paternity Test Results are needed for a huge range of reasons include marriage break-up, to get away from an abusive partner and to play practical jokes on friends, family members, partners and colleagues.

Our company was formed not only for novelty purposes but to help those in need. Our unique experience ensures there is no way your friend, partner or family member will never discover you have used a Fake Paternity Test company.

Fake Paternity Test Report

Our Fake DNA Report is 3 pages in length and contains all the numerical data points that correspond to your chosen outcome. Our team of professionals have previously worked in the Paternity Testing Industry and have designed our reports to identically replicate those provided by the country’s leading testing companies.

Our Fake Paternity Test Reports contain the details of the mother, child and alleged father, along with the testing methods and loci data. The reports are based solely on your order form so we do not require any samples to generate the report. You are free to choose the names, dates of birth and results that appear on the report.

The “Real” Testing Company

Our real testing companies have a live customer service team who are on-hand to answer any confirmatory calls or emails from unsuspecting friends and partners. Our partners have professional websites and corporate branding, just like any other testing company.


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All payments are handled by our partner PayPal to ensure the security of your payment details and provide you with complete peace of mind.


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