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Fake Paternity Test

Fake Paternity Tests are used for a huge number of situations such as tricking your friends into thinking you are the lovechild of a celebrity or tricking your partner into thinking his best friend is the farther. This article explains the process and how to order a Fake Paternity Test.

The Fake Paternity Test Report

Our Fake DNA Test Reports are 3 pages long and are identical to those provided by the country’s leading DNA Testing company. Our team have worked in the genetics industry for their entire career so know how to replicate the results perfectly. Our Fake Paternity Reports contain the 21 loci data points that correspond to your desired outcome – either a positive or negative match.

The Real Testing Company

Our team own and operate a real DNA testing company. This is the company all results will be sent from. Your partner, friends or family members are able to contact the real company who will confirm your results. The real company have a live customer service team, phone number, email address, mailing address and corporate website. Your partner will not expect a thing!

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